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This is my review based on a full year's useage (all seasons) of the BMW ProTouring Boots:

COMFORT: They are very comfortable. But see CONSTRUCTION section below.

WATERPOOF: The first pair I bought immediately let in water at the toes. I returned them back to my local BMW dealer and they were replaced. I guess the first pair were faulty. The second pair proved to be watertight. They have been used during icy cold weather and during downpours and they have (second time around) stood up very well.

CONSTRUCTION: The boots didn't take long to break in and the stiffness soon slackened after a couple of weeks. On the sides of the boots are small velcro fasteners which do nothing for rider comfort. In fact they detatch from the boots frequently and have very little stick to them.

As a result the boot feels to roomy around the ankles and they could have done with an effective fastening system so that they feel more secure. The upper boot fastening systems consist of velcro on both sides of the shin armour and a main robust zip.

The boot feels sturdy apart from the poor small velcro fastening straps. There is a reflective crescent shaped panel on the heel of the boot which is useful but comparing both boots they are not identical shapes due to the poor stiching methods. This makes the boots look cheap.

CONCLUSION: The boots are expensive for what they are (£185.) When I out wear them and consider replacing them I will not consider BMW boots again. They do their job in terms of the goretex membrane and they are warm but these are fundamental requirements for touring boots anyway.

They look cheap and the small velcro fasteners are laughable. Purchasing BMW ProTouring boots would be a poor investment. My next pair will probably be by TCX / Dainese as they have received several good reviews.

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