Kit review: Rev’it racing socks

Rev’it racing socks, £24.99
James Keen
Miles covered/time: 3500/seven months   

What’s good? Racing socks? I know, but hear me out… they’re padded in potential impact areas to help further protect your feet in accidents and reduce the chance of abrasions and pressure sores. Plus the elasticized material they’re made from is designed to help support muscles and tendons to reduce fatigue when riding on track. I’ve never crashed in them and I’m not sure how much difference socks can really make to muscle tiredness, but they are very comfortable under race boots and leathers and do stop the rubbing you sometimes get after a long day’s riding.

What’s not? Socks are socks right, so there’s not much bad to say about them – but expect a bit of piss-taking from your mates about your ‘high performance socks’ shaving tenths off your lap times. Whether they’re worth almost £25 is up for discussion, too.
Rating: 3/5