Boot review: Lewis Leathers Westway boots

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Lewis Leathers Westway boots, £325
Miles covered/time:
900/two months

What’s good? Let’s, for now, disregard the price of these boots, and instead deal with their performance.

The leather is so supple that they were broken in within 24 hours. They pull off the trick of feeling protective on the bike and feeling like trainers off it.

And I regularly save three minutes a day in not having to change my footwear to suit what I’m doing.

Beyond their performance, I feel special wearing a pair of Lewis boots – 118 years of heritage have gone into making them, they evoke the glory days of the 50s, they’re one of the ‘names’ of British motorcycling history.

They’re the kind of boutique purchase that’s worth saving up for. Ownership of these boots is as much a lifestyle decision as it is one based upon being a motorcyclist.

They’re my favourite shoes, bar none, and I own a lot. Plus, in the non-UKIP sense of national pride, they are made in England, which is satisfying.

What’s not? Some would say the price, but they cost the same as a top-end pair of race boots and conceivably, if taken care of, with last a lifetime.

Rating: 5/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott