Sidi Rain Evo

These boots are very light yet supportive, and are great quality.

The zip up and velcro provide a good fit and support the ankle well. Coming off my bike at 40mph with the bike landing on my ankle, these boots offered maximum protection and I was more than pleased.

They stood up well to the abrasive treatment they recieved during the spill and I still wear them today.

They don't look out of place on something sporty or a tourer, in fact these boots would look nice on most bikes.

They are fairly warm in the winter providing you wear thick socks and they offer up some nice cool riding in the summer.

The water proofing doesnt make your feet sweat. When off the bike the boots are not over restrictive and could easily pass as shoes if you wear jeans over the top of them.

A very cheap comfortable boot for what they are. The only problem I've had in the 8000 miles I've covered in them is both zips snapped off after really giving them a good pull.

I just replaced the zips with key rings and them plastic key ring bands that come with wemoto items and they're better than ever.

Recommended 9/10