MCN’s top 5 summer boots

It’s broad daylight at 5.30pm! Time to book some track days, make sure the bike’s MoT is in order, that everything’s oiled, lubed and running like it should… and treat yourself to a new pair of boots.

Here are some of the best we’ve used in recent years.

Vitesse Vulcan
MCN says:
“Worn under a pair of riding jeans these boots really could pass for trainers at first glance – which I think is a bonus. The great thing is that they pack a great deal more protection than a pair of Converse All-Stars; there’s a cleverly disguised reinforced toe and heel and Vitesse’s own ‘V-Cockpit’ technology, which is essentially an inner boot that provides a snug fit and feeling of unbelievably security once you’re in. Although no claims are made for the boots’ ability to repel water, the waxed canvas outer has so far done just that, albeit in some pretty half-hearted late summer showers. If the idea of conformity makes you feel poorly, these are well worth a look.”

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ProBiker 70
MCN says:
“They’re utterly waterproof, extremely comfy and they won’t break the bank. you’re looking for some decent touring boots that you can wear all year round, are understated enough to be for motorcyclists and not for posers, and will survive all kinds of scrapes, burns and drenchings, then look no further.”

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Tucano Urbano Chelsea
MCN says:
“They’re just like normal boots except they’re made for motorcycling. It means I can ride to work (80 miles), walk around all day without being mistaken for a courier, and then ride home again, all without changing my footwear.
They’re comfortable, waterproof, thermal-lined, easy to slip on and off and have gear-change patches. They make commuting by bike that bit simpler and consequently more pleasurable. And they’re flippin’ stylish.”

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Lewis Leathers Westway
MCN says:
“The leather is so supple that they were broken in within 24 hours. They pull off the trick of feeling protective on the bike and feeling like trainers off it. And I regularly save three minutes a day in not having to change my footwear to suit what I’m doing. Beyond their performance, I feel special wearing a pair of Lewis boots – 118 years of heritage have gone into making them, they evoke the glory days of the 50s, they’re one of the ‘names’ of British motorcycling history.
They’re the kind of boutique purchase that’s worth saving up for. Ownership of these boots is as much a lifestyle decision as it is one based upon being a motorcyclist. They’re my favourite shoes, bar none, and I own a lot. Plus, in the non-UKIP sense of national pride, they are made in England, which is satisfying."

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Alpinestars Supertech R
MCN says:
“Out of the box, they’re as comfy as 10-year-old boots. This is due mainly to the amount of synthetic material used in their construction that, unlike leather, doesn’t require ‘breaking in’. This comfort-feel also takes in off the bike walking. The covering panel on the inner side of the boots is covered with a soft, grippy suede-like material to prevent scuffs and scrapes to bike bodywork and aluminium. And they are bloody light to give a lot of feel to the rider, plus they’re easy to get on and off. The use of Velcro, zip, stretch panel and ratchet system is a simple but effective securing system. But the best part is they have a high level of ankle protection care of the separate inner boot that not only absorbs knocks but helps reduce ankle twist – as I already carry x-amount of screws and metal plates in one ankle it’s the sort of armour I appreciate. I’m also chuffed the elasticised boot tops prevent small stones going inside – especially the ones thrown by cretinous friends.”

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