Boots review: Alpinestar Roger Decoster boots

Alpinestar Roger Decoster boots
(Superseded long ago. Modern equivalent Alpinestar Tech 8, £329.99)

Miles covered/time: 50,000+/30 years

What’s good? I don’t think there are many boots still in use that could boast 30 years of use and still not only be wearable, but also waterproof. These boots were the ultimate biker ‘must have’ when I was cutting my teeth in the world of motorcycling, even the Mad Max character Goose donned a pair of the steel shined version of them boots in the movie. If they were good enough for Goose on his Z1, they would be more than enough for me on my Suzuki AP50! Made from what can only be described as rhino hide, the leather is the thickest I have ever worn, yet still supple. Over the years I have treated them to lashings of Neatsfoot oil and Nickwax – this combination has most definitely helped prolong the life of these boots, even with the punishment I have given them over the years, both on and off-road. A lot of modern boots suffer from linings wearing out, then you have to discard the boot. The beauty of these is they are unlined, so there’s nothing to wear out. Still in use today, and still my favourite boots!

What’s not? The one and only problem in 30 years is that the steel toe protectors wore out underneath from walking around, then they eventually fell off.

Rating: 4/5