Boot review: Tuzo Race WP

Tuzo Race WP boots, £79.99
Miles covered/time:
500/one month

What’s good: Like most of my riding kit, these Tuzo Race WP boots have tasted gravel. It wasn’t the result of skill, the boots were followed by my knee, hips, shoulder and pride. On the plus side, they stood up very well.

The toesliders took the brunt of the impact – and still look good for another few scrapes – while the padding and armour around the rest of the boots protected me from any bruising at all.

You’d expect that kind of performance from any boot for a below-30mph drop, but these have the added benefit of being a cosy, comfortable fit and looking pretty good, too.

What’s not: They’re definitely a budget buy. The zip is fairly basic and stiff, and the whole boot appears to be exactly the same as the rest of Tuzo’s leather road range, but with some race armour bolted on in the right places.

That’s not a bad thing, and I’m very happy to wear them on the road, but for 100mph+ track riding I’d feel more secure with a heavily armoured, reinforced and proven track-boot to keep my feet as safe as possible.

Rating: 3/5

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