Alpinestars S-MX5 waterproof boots

Alpinestars S-MX5 boots, from £180

Miles covered/time: 4500/six months

What's good: They are totally, utterly and completely waterproof which, for waterproof boots, comes as a tremendous relief if disappointing past experience is anything to go by with so many pairs. The build quality and style are top notch and even though these are waterproof touring boots they don't look like boring wellies. They are also lovely and warm.

What's not: Despite being the correct size for my feet they were overly tight to start with and even after months of wearing them in they still remain a bit tighter than I would like. They aren't uncomfortable even when worn all day long but having to yank the zip so hard to get them done up worries me a little.

Contact: or MCN classifieds for local dealers

Rating: 4/5