Product Review: TCX X-Street Sneaker boots

TCX X-Street Sneaker boots, £79.99

Miles covered/time:
986/two months

What’s good: The Street Sneakers look like normal Converse-style boots but feature a slightly thicker denim material, hard ankle armour and brushed leather on the toes and heel. The boots are all-day comfortable and despite the stiff-ish sole and ankle armour, walking isn’t hampered in any way. Each pair is hand ‘distressed’ so unique in appearance.

What’s not: The difference in protection over a standard pair of Converse-style trainers seems marginal. There’s no doubt the ankle armour would help in a low speed topple but don’t expect to walk away from anything more. TCX could have easily upped protection without ruining the appearance by fitting hard toe caps and a steel shank in the sole.


Rating: 3/5

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