Alpinestars Stella Gran Torino Gore-Tex Boots

Alpinestars Stella Gran Torino Gore-Tex Boots £229.99

Miles covered/time:
3200/four months

What’s good: I have solid calf muscles, always have had, always will have and it poses a problem when getting bike boots to fit. But that’s not the case with this lady-specific design. They may not look the most attractive boot in the world but they are functional and the Velcro adjuster means they fit well either under textile kit or over leathers. They got a good solid sole so when off the bike I’m able to stroll around without being too uncomfortable.

What’s not: They look a bit like welly boots but unfortunately aren’t quite as waterproof particularly when I got caught out in torrential rain, not just a light summer shower; an absolute deluge. Around the seams the boots let a small amount of water, not a vast amount but enough for me to notice damp patches on my socks, not attractive.

Contact: or MCN classifieds for local dealers

Verdict: 3/5