Tucano Urbano Nano Shoe Cover

Tucano Urbano Nano Shoe Cover, £33.99

Time used:
One year

What’s good: Put them over any footwear and suddenly you have waterproof boots on. Take them off again and stuff them in your pocket, folded neatly and compactly in their own zip bag. Unlike some fold-away waterproof boots, they actually have a rubber sole, which means they don’t wear out the first time you use them. A reinforced gear-change patch helps too. Elasticated Velcro straps take up the bagginess so you don’t look like you’re wearing bin liners on your feet. You wouldn’t tour Africa in them but they’re very handy in unexpected showers on the way home from work.

What’s not: Motorcycle footwear tends to take a battering so lightweight over-boots like this can have a limited life span, making £35 seem a lot to pay. So far these have survived occasional use for over a year, so I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Contact: www.tucanourbano.it

Rating: 4/5 

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