Boot review: Alpinestars Tech 8 Light

Alpinestars Tech 8 Light off-road boots, £339.99
Miles covered/time:
350/five months

What's good? They’re built like tanks and can take a real battering. I’m pretty sure when we as humans have destroyed ourselves, there’ll be the plenty of these knocking about on earth with nothing but a few scratches.

Despite their size and build they’re incredibly comfy, thanks to the soft inner boot which sits snugly around your foot. I’ve worn these all day several times now and not once have they felt uncomfortable or cumbersome.

The four clasps offer plenty of adjustment meaning they’re well secured in place but never pinch anywhere or feel too loose.

What's not? They’re stiff, very stiff. If like me, you’ve never worn off-road boots it’ll come as a big shock. Out of the box it’s almost impossible to bend them and walk normally. If you can, try and buy them well in advance of your first off-road ride and spend as much time as possible stomping round the house in them to break them in.

But if they weren’t so stiff they wouldn’t do their job as well. I was surprised to find out the hard way that they’re not waterproof. I’d expected them to be since they’re used off-roading, where riders regularly ride through huge puddles and streams.

Rating: 4/5

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