Boot review: Rev’It Apache H2O touring boots

Rev’It Apache H2O touring boots, £164.99
Miles covered/time:
2000/18 months

What’s good: A key attraction of these boots is the look. They’re nicely styled from tough full-grain leather, with suede at the shin and calf. They’ve got a comfy, springy sole and a handle on the calf that makes them easy to pull on.

They seem sturdy enough to provide a good level of protection either touring or off-roading on easy terrain, which is what they’re made for. 

What’s not: They’re supposed to be waterproof. I’ve done a couple of thousand miles over a year-and-a-half in mine and they leak. In a long and rainy ride home from this year’s TT, toes on both feet got wet.

For a premium-branded £160 boot, with ‘H2O’ in the name, it’s very disappointing. I won’t be using them in winter. Also, the tops rub on my calves and they could be warmer.

Rating: 2/5