Boots Review: Harley Davidson Darnel boots

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Harley Davidson Darnel boots £119.90

Time tested: 600 miles/two months

What’s good? The older I get (46 last week) the less willing I am to faff about with overcomplicated motorcycle kit. In my view, spending 15 minutes getting ready is 15 minutes less time on the bike.

At first glance the Harley Darnel’s appear to be standard seven hole boots but look on the side and you’ll find an additional zip so you only need to lace them up once, after that it takes seconds to zip them off and on. Genius. The leather upper is convincingly pre-distressed and they’re not as bulky as other traditional engineering style boots so they’re not too clumsy on the bike. The rubber soles are Goodyear welted and replaceable, the small Harley logo’s on the sides are understated and tasteful.

What’s not? The boots are high enough to cover the ankle but there’s no armour of any kind so protection is limited. As the top lace fastenings are hooks rather than holes the lace can unhook occasionally when the boots aren’t being worn and need re-tying. The matt surface of the boots scuffs easily and can’t be polished out but this adds to the boots distressed appearance.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5

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