Boot Review: Alpinestars Joey Perforated suede shoe

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Alpinestars Joey Perforated suede shoe, £129.99

Miles covered/time: 300 miles/2 months

What's good? What’s not to like? Trendy ‘Converse-style’, lace-up baseball boots (as we used to call them in the ‘70s), but ramped up to be 21st century bike practical (well, at least a bit). So, flimsy canvas makes way for a tougher suede leather upper that’s wax-treated to be shower proof, there’s light armouring of the heel and toe plus disc ankle protectors and a supposedly waterproof and breathable inner liner. Sure, I wouldn’t wear them on track or a 40mile-plus hack, but on my 10-mile commute then office days they’re great, reassuring enough, comfortable, versatile. I’ve worn them every day since with no sign of wear or distress. Oh, and they come with a pair of snazzy flouro green spare laces, too, if you want to look like a 12-year-old…

What's not? Very little, to be honest. They’re not completely waterproof of course, but I didn’t expect them to be; nor do I expect ‘normal’ bike boot protection – but they’re better than nothing. And I don’t even find the £120 price too offensive, not compared to the £50+ you pay for bog-basic, flimsy Converses at least. No, instead the only thing I’d change is me. If I was a streak-o’piss 25-year-old with my skinnies hanging around me arse I’d like to think I’d look cool in these. Unfortunately, they’ve come about 25 years too late…


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5


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Phil West

By Phil West

MCN Contributor and bike tester.