Product Review: Red Wing 8146 Moc Lug boots

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Red Wing 8146 Moc Lug boots, £225.00

Time tested: 2300 miles/seven months

What’s good? I wore these boots all through the summer on the bike. I wanted something sturdy with some ankle protection, but also something I could wear all day whether I am in the office or out and about. Traditionally catering for the American workforce, making sure they are well shod with sturdy boots since 1905, Red Wings are made from beautifully stitched Briar oil slick leather and soon shaped to my feet. They felt a little tight at first, but after a few outings soon felt more like slippers than boots. A sewn-in tongue helps to keep the weather out, as they are only six inches high, and my waterproof trousers go over them nicely to stop me getting soggy ankles. The heavy duty Vibram sole provides fantastic grip over most terrain, instilling a real sense of confidence. Best of all is the style, I think they are a real classic boot that lasts for years.

What’s not? £225!  It seems a lot, but the quality and craftsmanship out-way the price.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5

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By Simon Relph

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