Review: Spada ST1 WP boots

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Mileage: 9000 miles
Time used: 9 months
Useage: Heavy
Cost New: £74.95 (offer price)
Additional costs: nil

I've used these boots for every day riding through all weathers, with a 100 mile motorway commute twice a week and 12 mile town/country commutes three times a week plus the occasional ride out. They've had their fair share of abuse.

You could almost forgive them for letting in first a trickle and then a stream of water after 50 miles of constant driving rain but that isn’t the full picture. They did that when they got their first proper test just two weeks after purchase. Not what you want from a ‘waterproof’ motorcycle boot.

From the outset the zip was snagging on the sides but I persevered as I thought they might loosen up, this turned out to be nothing more than naive wishful thinking.

The durability of the boots was also called in to question when the zip lining came away from the leather after two months of use. In retrospect maybe I just had a dodgy batch and should have sent them back or it could be a design flaw.

If you can shed any light on this please feel free to comment. Another issue with usability is the use of thick plastic armour on the stem of the boot. The huge bit of plastic that sticks out at the top and back of the boot makes it difficult to pull jeans over the top or zip up textile trousers and one-piece suits.

For a sub-£100 motorcycle boot they are comfy enough on and off the bike and look like they would offer better than average protection should the worst happen.

In this respect they do return good overall value for someone who would give them light use in nothing worse than light rain showers.

So for the fair-weather weekend warrior on a budget these could well prove to be a good bit of kit. 

Value for Money: 4/5
Waterproofness: 3/5
Robustness: 3/5
Protection: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Ease of use: 3/5


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