Product Review: Spada Gear boots

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Spada Gear boots £79.99

Time tested: Four months/2000 miles

What’s good? When you don’t need the faff of full-sized sports boots, these Spada Gear are simple, sports-styled leather boots that provide reasonable ankle and foot protection. I use them for commuting, combined with Kevlar jeans, and they’re quick to get on and off thanks to the zip and Velcro fastening on the inside of the ankle. They have replaceable toesliders, although I wouldn’t want to be indulging in any toe-scraping action wearing short boots like these. However, they’re currently on offer with one online retailer selling them for £54. They’re available in white or black.

What’s not? They’re uncomfortable when off the bike, rubbing my Achilles tendon. Also, the toe-box is also quite wide, good news for some but for me it makes me look like I’m wearing Mickey Mouse’s shoes.

Quality rating 3/5
Value rating 5/5


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Emma Franklin

By Emma Franklin

Deputy Editor, road tester, club racer