Product Review: Alpinestars Tech 10

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Alpinestars Tech 10, £420
Tester: Michael Guy

Time tested: Two years/2000 off-road miles

What’s good? What Alpinestars don’t know about making motorcycle boots isn’t worth knowing. Tech 10s are their top-spec motocross boots but are also worn by enduro riders and Dakar Rally competitors. Three buckles ensure a snug fit and make them relatively quick and easy to get on and your foot sits inside an armoured inner boot, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time while offering good protection. Thankfully I haven’t really tested the protection capabilities, but my previous Alpinestars Tech8s saved my bacon on numerous occasions and I have no doubt these would do the same.

What’s not? This is a premium product and they come with a premium price tag. But it really is a case of you get what you pay for and there is no question that they can handle the punishing off-road environment, meaning they will last for seasons rather than being thrown away after just one.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider