Product Review: TCX Pro 2.1 motocross boots

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TCX Pro 2.1 motocross boots, £329.99

Time used: Five months/1500 miles

What’s good? The Pro boots are made of tough stuff. They’ve taken serious knocks and remain in great condition. They come with calf support, inner heat guards and everything else you’d expect from a proper pair of motocross boots. The sole is interchangeable and the boots also come with swish aluminium buckles. I particularly like the removable inner boots which make a lovely snug fit and stop the boots from stinking up.

What’s not? TCX advertise these boots as water-resistant but they leak like a broken sieve. One puddle is enough to get my socks wet. My other big complaint is the ridiculously loud squeaking sound they make. WD40 briefly fixed the problem - but a puddle or two later they were off again.


Quality rating: 3/5

Value rating: 3/5

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Andy Davidson

By Andy Davidson

Former MCN Feature writer