Product Review: TCX S-R1 Gore-Tex boots

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TCX S-R1 Gore-Tex boots, £249.99

Time tested: 4 months/ 400 wet miles

What’s good? They work. Even in really persistent heavy rain, they’ve not let in a single drop of water. I even resorted to the garden hose to give them a thorough pressurised soaking from all angles in an attempt to show a weakness, but they remained utterly watertight. Water also beads off the full-grain leather upper really well, rather than just soaking in and relying on a membrane to keep you dry. This means they also dry out pretty quickly after a wet ride. Looks are subjective, but I think they’re a classy offering, with pleasantly subtle detailing and a genuinely high-end feel inside and out.

What’s not? The fit isn’t great. The foot area is tight, but they feel baggy and loose around my ankle, and there’s no useful adjustment from the zip and Velcro closure. The sole is also oddly stiff and shaped, making you walk like you’ve strapped boards to your feet. They’re also a bit sweaty on warm and wet days. At this price I’d want a perfect fit to go with the perfect performance, but they don’t work well with my wide size 11s.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 3/5

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Richard Newland

By Richard Newland