Product Review: Stylmartin Philadelphia

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Stylmartin Philadelphia, £139.99

Miles covered/time: 1700 miles/nine months

What's good? They call them ‘riding trainers’ – which I guess means they’re casually styled and not obviously motorbike wear, but have some bike-relevant protection built-in. Unless I’m riding to Bodmin Moor or it’s sheeting rain in November, this I like. So, the uppers are full-grain leather and claimed to be water repellent, there’s a surprisingly thick, padded, breathable liner, they’re fairly solid, CE-approved, have a leather ‘shifter guard’ and, best of all, they arrive in this very clever ‘pre-distressed’ state right down to the ‘mucky’ laces, which means they look ‘street’ right from the off, too. (Apparently this is important, though I do wonder how its manufactured…) If, say, I’m, spending 15-20% or so of my day on bike, and the rest off, these are perfect…(there’s lots of variants and different colours available, as well). I reckon £130 is decent value, too.

What's not? Just two things really: They’re not quite as comfy as I’d hoped (although now they’ve broken in they’ve improved), perhaps because I’d expected this style of boot to be soft and supple and in reality it’s quick thick and stiff. It’s not bad, but maybe a slightly larger size would have helped, too. And, related to that, they’re not quite as easy to get on as I’d like, either, requiring the laces to be slackened significantly if you want to avoid a wrestling match. Otherwise: fine.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 4/5

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Phil West

By Phil West

MCN Contributor and bike tester.