Product Review: Falco Ayda boots

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Falco Ayda boots, £129.99

Time tested: Two months/1600 miles

What's good? These boots were comfortable from the off with one slight exception, the top of one of the zips scratching my leg slightly, I easily rectified this by robbing my hubby's longer socks to wear. I like the styling of the boots, as they look more like a fashion boot than a traditional riding boot so when I’m just popping out in jeans and jacket rather than wearing full protection they look good. They do offer some ankle protection but I’m slightly concerned it may not be sufficient if I needed to test it. They’re made from leather with a waterproof membrane and they've proved to be showerproof when caught in a light shower. They are starting to look a little shabby, but that's an observation rather than a criticism.

What's not? There is a removable gear change pad but obviously I've removed this and lost it. I think it’s a shame there isn't one integrated into the boot.

Value: 4/5
Quality: 3/5

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Al Silcox

By Al Silcox