Product Review: Falco Axis 2 boots (£129.99)

What’s good about the Falco Axis 2 boots?

For the money these have proved to be a really good pair of boots. I’ve got solid calf muscles and struggle to get boots to fit round these, but as these are slightly shorter than other boots I’ve worn they fit well. I’ve been caught in some torrential downpours and the waterproof lining kept my feet dry for much of it before eventually beginning to leak. Off the bike they’re comfortable for walking around and unlike other boots I’ve worn they don’t suffer from random squeaks.

And what’s not?

Initially I couldn’t work out why I was getting a sore patch on the inside of my leg – I hadn’t realised the velcro fastener would scratch against my skin if I wore shorter socks. This was easily rectified by purchasing a couple of pairs of socks that are specific for wearing with boots, they are longer and therefore go higher up the calf. Being really picky, the white sections have discoloured quite badly but then I haven’t actually been overly zealous with my cleaning regime.

Time tested

Seven months/4500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating


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