RiDE review: Sidi Adventure Gore

This Italian-made boot is very popular and has become almost the default choice among experienced adventure riders, offering good protection for the shin and the ankles, while still being flexible enough to walk in.

Its closest rival, the Alpinestars Toucan, is broader in the foot, stiffer in the sole and less comfortable to walk in.

While the styling of the Sidi Adventure is a little clunky, the quality is excellent, with superb fasteners, 100 per cent waterproofing and a perfect blend of off-road and on-road suitability.

The leather does ‘brown’ as the boot wears and it can squeak when you walk. Otherwise, a near-perfect adventure boot. 

Buy the Sidi Adventure Gore here.

Sidi Adventure Gore

Price: £299.99

Dry weight: 1277g

Wet weight: 1627g

Comfort: 4/5

Protection: 4/5

Feel: 4/5

Waterproofing: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Total: 22/25