Product Review: Sidi Insider riding trainers (£115)

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What’s good about the Sidi Insider trainers?

I’d been on the lookout for stylish riding trainers for a while, and these fit the bill perfectly. There’s protection in the ankles and the rubber sole is anti-slip, which has worked so far. Sidi don’t claim they’re waterproof, but they’ve kept my feet dry during brief showers. Although there’s only protection in the ankles, they feel quite sturdy – much sturdier than normal trainers. As you would expect from a trainer, they’re all-day comfortable, no matter how much walking you do.

And what’s not?

Sidi have gone for style over substance when it comes to the laces, fitting each trainer with two laces, because… it looks good? In reality it’s a pain and means they can’t be fastened securely unless you tighten the top lace, which is extremely long and crying out to get caught in a whirring chain. The suede upper doesn’t look like it will stand up to too many gearchanges – the left boot is already starting to fray and look grubby. The sizing is quite large, so you might want to order smaller than normal. They’re perhaps a little pricey for what is essentially a pair of reinforced trainers.

Time tested

Two months/800 miles


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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

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