Product Review: TCX S-Speed boots

Product Review: TCX S-Speed boots £149.99

Tested by James Archibald

Time used One month/2300 miles 

What’s good?
The TCX S-Speed boots have a reassuring and well-built feel. At £149.99, they offer good value providing you’re not planning on using them through winter or the wettest of days – my feet got a soaking when I was caught out by the rain. They’re well-vented and comfortable on the bike; keeping my feet at a good temperature when it’s warm. After a month of wearing them in they are comfortable and can easily handle big expeditions and long stints, although they aren’t the most comfortable off the bike.

What’s not?
The noise! Whenever I take a step off the bike I’m met with an unholy squeaking.


Quality rating 3/5

Value rating 4/5