Product Review: Sidi Courier boots

Sidi Courier boots, £224.99

Tested by: Tony Hoare

Time tested: 10 years/8000 miles

What’s good? Sidi’s Courier boot has been around for so long it’s like motorcycling royalty. Long before adventure riding became trendy and made securing clasps essential wear for anyone within sniffing distance of a sand dune or a dusty track, there were Sidi Courier boots. Simple, effective, comfortable strong boots that go on forever and have spares available to keep them operational. These have lasted 10 years of infrequent use and have been with me on off-road escapades and road trips around Britain and as far afield as Morocco. They keep out rain, have clasps that mean they can be adjusted to fit inside or outside riding trousers and the metal toecovers mean kneeling down to undo a garage padlock or disc lock won’t result in scuffs and damage.

What’s not? After getting a decade of use from a pair of boots and knowing they’re there whenever I’ve needed them it’s hard to be critical. I’ve lost one of the toecovers, but that was my own fault for wilfully dragging them on the floor and making the securing nails come loose. The cover is at home somewhere and could easily be nailed back in place.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5