Product Review: TCX X-Blend boots

TCX X-Blend boots £149.99

Tester: Simon Brown

Time tested: Two months/1000 miles

What’s good? I chose these for looks as much as anything because I wanted something to go well with my Ducati Scrambler (the hipster beard is still in the post) but I’ve been impressed by their performance. Lace them up tight and they feel snug and reassuring with protection coming from reinforced toecaps and more armour at the heel and ankle. They are comfortable on the bike, fine for strolling around, and waterproof too (so long as you combine them with waterproof trousers).

What’s not? The sole doesn’t grip the Scrambler’s pegs that well in the wet (I’ve yet to try them on other bikes) and I’m always worried about them coming undone and trailing a lace in the chain. Double knots are the order of the day. While they are very comfortable, they are a bit warm to wear at work all day.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5