Product Review: Sidi ST Gore boots (£314.99)

What’s good about the Sidi ST Gore?

I always have trouble finding boots that fit well, because I have laughably thin calves. These Sidis are the only boots I’ve found so far that can fit securely around my calves, and they fit my feet almost perfectly, too. The buckles at the top of the boots are adjustable so whether I’m wearing the boots over leathers or against my bare calves I can adjust them to get a nice tight fit.

The Gore-Tex membrane has so far kept my feet dry, and allowed them to breath. Despite temperatures now dropping below zero, I’ve also been able to get away with wearing thin socks and my feet haven’t been too cold. The external support brace, which is there to stop lateral movement in the event of a crash, allows good movement back and forward making walking easy and comfortable.

And what’s not?

While I’ve no doubt the ankle brace will help in a crash, it’s a little bulky, which often means it gets stuck on the footpeg when I try and flick the sidestand down. The boots have switchable vents, but I rode in temperatures below freezing with just one vent open and I didn’t notice a difference - though that could be down to the amount of weather protection on my Kawasaki 1400GTR.

Time tested

Two months/1300 miles


Quality rating


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