Product Review: Prexport Custom Boots (£119.99)

What’s good about the Prexport Custom Boots?

From first wear these have been a comfortable boot, both on and off the bike. The little heel sits nicely against the footpeg and helps me when I’m in the more relaxed riding position of the Harley-Davidson I’m testing this year. They are 100% waterproof and with the full-length zip are easy to get on and off.

And what’s not?

These are unisex boots so the sizing is definitely on the generous side. It’s not a big problem on cooler days as I can wear a thick pair of socks to make sure my feet stay warm, but in summer it would be more of an issue. I’m not a great fan of the decorative leather strap, which is a little pointless.

Time tested

Two months/1400 miles


Quality rating


Value rating