Product Review: Falco Pepper 2 boots (£119.99)

What’s good about the Falco Pepper 2 boots?

You’d be forgiven for thinking these are a little too plain and lightweight for a good motorcycle boot. They don’t feature any vents, titanium or plastic panels, quick-release buckles or toesliders - but what they do have works very well. Aimed at the urban rider, the Pepper’s understated look and size make them an ideal commuter boot and even though they’re short in height they’re just long enough to ensure there’s no unsightly sock gap between trouser and boot, even when riding a bike with a more sporty riding position. They’re also slim enough around the calf to fit under the narrowest cut of riding jeans. The waterproof membrane works well enough to have survived a two-hour rainstorm without a breech. With a stiff construction and armour on the ankles they offer some protection too. Perhaps a Milan Fashionista would fit the supplied elasticated gear shift pad protector to the left boot but I think they look better without and a little scuffed.

And what’s not?

The waterproof membrane makes them slightly sweaty to wear all day in a heated office, although it’s just about bearable.

Time tested

Six weeks/300 miles


Quality rating


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