Product Review: Sidi Roarr boots (£199.99)

What’s good about the Sidi Roarr?

A good halfway house between a full-on track boot and a road boot, the Roarr are beautifully made and boast features like replaceable toesliders, slide vents, and Sidi’s Techno3 adjustment system at the calf. With shock absorbing heel cup and tough external shin armour, they certainly feel protective. Even though they don’t claim to be waterproof, the Roarr don’t seem to leak in the rain.

And what’s not?

They’re really stiff and inflexible, meaning even after 2500 miles they still not giving me much feel through the pegs or gear lever. They also don’t fit very snuggly around my ankles making them feel more like a heavily-armoured pair of welly boots than sporty riding boots.

Time tested

Five months/2500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating