RiDE Review: Altberg Roadrunner

Traditional-looking boots, with nothing to grab the eye and no novelties that leap out of the spec sheet. But they work, and feel like they’ll keep on working forever. We’ve been wearing these for six years, and they’re grubby but still as good as new. They’re comfortable to the extent you don’t want to take them off, even at the end of a long ride.

The tough military-style sole is superb off the bike and unnoticeable on the bike. Easy to get on and off, and their design mean they work inside or outside trousers. Warm in winter, breathable enough in summer, waterproof on all but the longest of wet days. Nigh-on perfect all-year boot.

Price: £239


  • Water-repellent leather Sympatex membrane
  • Vibram sole with off-road tread
    Adjustable calf and ankle

Construction 10/10
Protection 8/10
Summer comfort 8/10
Winter comfort 10/10 
Feel 4/5 
Off the bike 5/5

Total 45/50