What's good and what's not about Spada's Curve Evo Boots?

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Time tested: Six months/4000 miles

What's good? Considering the price, these boots have been excellent. They've stood up to lots of wear, have been comfortable and haven’t made my feet excessively sweaty despite the presence of a waterproof and breathable membrane.

They’re quite slimline so they don’t protrude and ground out early when leant over, and they have the range to be worn comfortably over leathers or under textile jeans. They’re also comfortable when worn off the bike. Overall they have been worth the price.

What’s not? The fit is on the narrow side (but not super- narrow like as a Gaerne boot) so might not suit those with wide feet. The toeslider screw fell out on one boot, but the UK distributor (Feridax) sent me new screws and said they’d do the same for customers as there had been a problem with screw tightness on some of the first boots to arrive in shops.

The waterproof membrane is generally effective, but a two- hour wet-weather ride overwhelmed it and I was left with a very wet left foot. Consider them as a sporty boot to fend off light rain and you’ll be on the right path – as an all-weather, all-season boot I would look for something more substantial. 

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Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor