Alpinestars Corozol Adventure boots review (£239.99)

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What’s good about the Alpinestars Corozol Adventure Drystar boots?

These range-topping adventure-riding boots sit somewhere between a comfortable all-day touring boot and an enduro boot. I’ve been wearing them on adventure bikes with typical; adventure riding kit for long distances on and off-road. The spec sheet detailing the boot’s construction is impressive – waterproof leather upper, flex zones, ankle/toe/heel/shin protection, breathable lining, protective sole and a new easy-entry buckle fasteners. But the top line is that they’re extremely well made and cosset feet and lower legs, giving confidence-inspiring protection off-road. Unlike dedicated off-road boots they’re not ski boot-clumsy and don’t dig into skin when riding for a long time. For such big boots they’re comfortable to walk in, too.

And what’s not?

You only need the Tonka Toy-like protection from these boots if you’re actually going to ride off-road. If not, you’re better off with conventional road boots, which will be lighter and less bulky. They’re not cheap, but you get a lot of beautifully-made boot for your money.

Time tested

Five months/1500 miles


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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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