Alpinestars Rayburn riding shoes review (£169.99)

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What’s good about the Alpinestars Rayburn riding shoes?

When I first saw these boots I felt Alpinestars had got the look just right. I ride classic bikes a lot and felt they would be just the job for low-demand summer riding. I’m pleased to say I have not been disappointed. From the outset they have been very comfortable, even with the amount of protection built in, from reinforced toes and heels to anatomical ankle protection on both sides of each boot. Made from very nice supple leather, these boots have aged to give them that lived-in look without being scruffy. I have been wearing them almost every day and found them great for both on and off the bike.

And what’s not?

I wish the leather tabs (loops) on the rear of the boot was stitched nearer to the top lip of the boot, this would have made them easier to pull on. Recently I got caught in torrential rain and soon had wet feet, but I think most short boots would struggle with that amount of water. So as long as you’re not relying on these as your number one waterproof bootss, they are a great all day option.

Time tested

Six months/2500 miles


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