Review: Sidi X-3 Xtreme boots

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I've been wearing the £289.99 Sidi X-3 Xtreme boots for four months now, and this is how they've held up.

What’s good? I’ve got a bad left ankle from an old rugby injury, so finding boots that offer the protection I need without the ankle joint being solid is difficult, but these Sidis fit the bill. The ankle hinge prevents side-to-side twisting, but the boots are soft enough for easy use of the gears and rear brake straight out of the box.

All the buckles might look like a faff but it means the fit can be adjusted for all shapes and sizes. It also means the boots can be worn in or out of trousers, depending on your chosen style. I’ve had a few crashes in them and neither me nor the boots are showing any signs of damage.

What’s not? Compared to my Sidi Adventures the fitting is a little narrow particularly at the front of the boot, which did eventually give, but caused some discomfort at first because of the very stiff sole. The X-3s also struggled in the desert heat of the Merzouga rally in Morocco.


Quality: ★★★★
Value: ★★★★

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Jordan Gibbons

By Jordan Gibbons

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