Alpinestars Faster 2 Waterproof shoes

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We put a pair of Alpinestars Faster 2 boots through their paces. 5000-miles later here's what we thought...

Time tested 5000 miles

Price £114

What’s good?

These are my go-to footwear for the time when I’m riding in jacket and jeans. As well as using them for general everyday jaunts and road testing, on all sorts of bikes from 1000s to scooters, I’ve worn them on big trips to Ibiza, Mettet, Cologne and even a lap of Tasmania. They’ve seen all weathers from mid-30s sunshine to hours of torrential, icy rain. These second-generation Faster Shoes are sturdier than the old ones I still wear (and are still going strong after 20,000 miles), but still supremely comfortable and 100% waterproof. The lacing system is quicker, too. The best thing about them is they’re as comfy walking around off the bike, as they are on. 


What’s not?

Although protective, they’re never going to give the total security of fully armoured bike boots. They’re waterproof, but there’s nothing to stop rain coming in the top if your rain suit is too short, either. Also, the white tops look like you’re wearing spats, but there are lots of other colours to choose from. 

Quality 4/5
Value 4/5


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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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