Product review: TCX Hero WP Boots

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 Our Senior Reporter, Jordan, has worn his TCX Hero WP boots for 8,000 miles over the last ten months and here's his thoughts.

What’s good?

The TCX Hero WP is a waterproof riding boot in a classic retro style. The boot is made from full grain leather and has a waterproof lining inside, which comes most of the way to the top of the boot. Unlike most leather boots, the Heros fit me right out of the box and required no discernible break in.

The rubber sole is also pretty soft, so they’re comfortable to walk in for extended periods and do a decent job of absorbing unwanted vibrations. Unlike a lot of waterproof urban kit, they’ve never let a single drop in and with a pair of thickish socks you can wear them most of the year.

What’s not?

Even for an urban style boot, there’s very little in the way of protection. The soft leather that makes walking really comfortable also makes me worry about the aftermath of a fall. To make matters worse, the surface finish on the leather wore off quickly and now they look a mess.

The zip/lace combo might seem a good idea but it can make getting the correct fit fussy (too tight and it won’t zip up) and the soft grippy sole makes applying even the best of rear brakes feel vague. They’re not a bad boot for rainy rides around town but there are better options out there.

Price £179.99


Quality 2/5 

Value 3/5


TCX also make boots specifically for ladies, here's some we've tested.

Our Office Manager, Ali, has ridden 1000 miles in her TCX Lady Smoke boots they fared better than Jordan's version.

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Jordan Gibbons

By Jordan Gibbons

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