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Product review: Alpinestars Stadium boots

I’ve been using these casual boots most days for my commute and have covered about 4500 miles in the 4 months I’ve had them.

What’s good?
I commute by bike every day and wanted casually styled footwear that I could comfortably wear in the office with Kevlar jeans – the Alpinestars Stadium boots fitted the bill perfectly. These CE certified boots are very well vented and are great at keeping my tootsies cool when the weather is warm. They won’t provide the same protection as a proper riding boot but are all-day comfy for wearing in the office. I figured that it doesn’t matter if they’re waterproof as I only wear them with riding jeans, which are not going to keep rain at bay and, in my experience casual waterproof boots have a tendency to make my feet very sweaty when wearing them all day.

What’s not?
The original laces are a luminous yellow and are obscenely loud – they’re so bright you could probably see them from space. So, I changed them to a subtler black alternative as soon as I could. They’re quite obviously not waterproof, but that’s not why you would want these boots. Also, despite the CE certification, they’re not a boot I would want to crash in. There doesn’t feel to be much in the way of protection and is little support at the heel, ankle or toes at all. 

Price £139.99
Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 3/5