Product review: RST Tractech Evo 3 Sport CE boots

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These fully perforated RST Tractech Evo 3 Sport CE boots have been the ideal companion for summertime riding, offering maximum airflow in warmer, dry conditions over the past two months.

After an initial 500 miles to break them in, they have become hugely comfortable and are simply getting better with age, both on and off the bike.


Despite being a sporty boot, the plastic shin protection is slim enough to fit underneath a set of riding jeans, but will also accommodate my leathers inside them with ease.

I also think they look great, with the mixture of white and orange offering the perfect contrast. The white sections will quickly discolour with use though and the perforations mean they aren’t waterproof.

And after just a week of use, one of the Velcro tabs on the zips had already broken, too.

  • Price: £129.99
  • Quality: 3/5
  • Value: 4/5

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