Product review: TCX Street Ace ladies boots

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I tested these TCX Street Ace Ladies Boots (RRP £124.99) for three months and covered 1000 miles.

Here's how I got on....

What's good?

I like the relaxed style of these ankle boots. They’re modern, fashionable and I think they look good. More importantly they are great for everyday use, particularly for my daily commute, when I ride in casual gear. They are made from dark grey, waterproof, leather with contrasting silver panels.

With reinforced toes and ankles, there is a certain amount of protection. They are waterproof but I wouldn’t want to get caught out in torrential rain because they are rather short and don't offer much weather protection. The style and fit is ideal when I ride my Honda X-ADV, or bikes with a similar upright riding position. However, when I’ve ridden sport bikes I find my ankles felt exposed.

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What's not?

What is it with kit manufacturers and their need to add splashes of pink to ladies kit? Just because I’m female doesn’t mean my boots have to include pink eyelets and lining. For goodness sake, give it a rest! On a more serious note, the soles of the boots don’t offer much grip. On a couple of occasions I’ve had an issue on slippery surfaces when manoeuvring my bike, with my feet almost going from under me.


Quality rating: ★★★★

Value rating: ★★★★


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