Forcefield Pro L2K back protector

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Forcefield Pro L2K back protector, £99.99 (replaced by the Pro L2K Evo)

Tester: Alison Silcox

Time tested: Two years/4000 miles

What's good? I’ve owned a previous incarnation of this Forcefield back protector and after a couple of years’ use the shoulder straps stretched to a point of being almost unwearable - not the case with this model. The straps are as good as new, which means it’s comfortable to wear as it stays firmly in place at all times. The material it’s made from is flexible and moulds to my back and when I’m wearing it I don’t actually notice it’s there.

What's not? There really isn’t anything I can criticise this product for, it’s showing no signs of wear even after having been used on a regular basis for two years. If I wanted to be really picky the Velcro on the waist strap can be a bit ‘grabby’ on other clothing if I’m not careful when I’m doing it up. The L2K is still available in some dealers, but has been replaced by the Pro L2K Evo, which costs £119.99.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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