Product Review: Blue Castle overalls

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Blue Castle overalls £16.95

Tester: Ped Baker

Time tested: Six months

What’s good: The first pair of overalls I’ve owned that ‘nearly’ fit me. Usually, as sizes of overalls reach XL and XXL (to fit my 6ft  4in inch frame) the waist size expands rapidly while the leg length fails to keep up, leaving a Michael Jacksonesque two-inch gap around my ankles. The XL Blue Castle zip-fronted overalls have a good leg length of around 34 inches and while the waist is still a tad baggy for my 34-inch waist it’s a vast improvement over other overalls and an elasticated band helps pull in the excess material. The unlined polycotton fabric is reasonably thick and the zip front opening and pockets are a big improvement over the drafty stud closures found on cheaper models. A double slider on the zips allows opening from top or bottom for quick and easy comfort breaks. The overalls are 60°C machine washable (providing she’s out for the day) and should last a good couple of years’ hard use.

What’s not: They’re only just long enough in the body making them slightly tight when crouched and sometimes the the bottom zip slider gets stuck in the material at the bottom of its travel.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 5/5

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Ped Baker

By Ped Baker

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