Product Review: Forcefield Ladies Base Layer shirt/pants

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Forcefield Ladies Base Layer shirt/pants £37/£22.49

Tester: Emma Franklin

Time tested: Six months

What’s good? Base layers are crucial to riding comfort, especially when wearing a leather suit, and this Forcefield long-sleeved shirt and pants combo is definitely one of the most comfortable. The BeCool fabric is extremely soft and doesn’t bunch or chafe, meaning that once you’ve got it on, you don’t give it a second thought. BeCool is a four-channel thread that has three times the surface area as cotton, so it can diffuse heat away more efficiently, helping to keep you feeling cool. And it works. Obviously, in the heat of summer track riding, the base layers get a bit sweaty, but thankfully they do dry off exceedingly quickly. They’re available in XS-XL.

What’s not? Other than the fact they’re pink and have slightly embarrassing boob-accentuating contour patterns, I can’t figure out what’s female-specific about these base layers. Plus, the male equivalent comes with a slightly higher collar, which I would prefer.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5

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Emma Franklin

By Emma Franklin

Deputy Editor, road tester, club racer