Product Review: Resurgence Gear Heritage womens’ jeans

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Resurgence Gear Heritage womens’ jeans, £175

Tester Emma Franklin

What’s good? New for 2015, the Heritage jeans strut down the line between fashion and function really well. Despite featuring an abrasion-resistant lining that covers 60% of the internal area, these trendily-cut trousers do a decent job of looking and feeling just like regular skinny jeans. The aramid-type Pekev material runs from the waistband, around the hips, to midway down the shins at the front, and across the bum at the rear. So, while they don’t have the 100% coverage demanded by the CE Level-2 test for riding jeans, it’s a decent compromise, especially if their lack of bulk makes you more inclined to wear them. 

They also feature a mesh lining to boost coolness and keep the Pekev lining away from the skin, which is good as I’ve been irritated by aramid-type fabrics in the past. The outer 13oz denim looks good and feels soft, and the stitching is extremely neat too. What’s more, the Heritage comes with Knox soft knee and hip armour, which can be slotted into pockets within the jeans’ lining and adjusted to fit. 

What’s not? The labelling is a little misleading. These jeans came with a CE Level-2 cardboard tag on them, leading me to believe that the entire garment met the safety standard. However the labelling only refers to the Pekev material itself, and fully CE-approved jeans would have a fabric CE label stitched into them. Also, despite claiming to be semi-bootcut, I struggle to get boots under them. 


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 3/5


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Emma Franklin

By Emma Franklin

Deputy Editor, road tester, club racer