Product Review: Sealskinz mid-length waterproof socks

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Sealskinz mid-length waterproof socks £30 

Tester: Ped Baker 

Time tested: One year/1000 miles 

What’s good? I’m not a fan of boots with waterproof membranes. In my experience they’re sweaty on all but the coldest days and multi layers means they remain damp and clammy, even when left to dry overnight. These Sealskinz socks are comfortable enough to be worn under sports boots as a precaution but they come into their own when touring to sunnier climates. After a first rainy ride south my normal boots and my feet were soaked (midway through France) but the next morning I could whip these on and wear my soggy boots in comfort as the wind dried them out while I rode. When I reached sunnier roads the socks were stored ready for the (inevitably rainy) ride home and I could hit the twisties in sweat-free comfort. Unlike boots with membranes, when these socks eventually leak they’re not a fortune to replace.

What’s not? Not much. They’re initially a little baggy but fine when inside a boot.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5

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Ped Baker

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