RiDE review: Draggin Holeshot jeans

These are straight-leg, mid-rise, rigid denim jeans that have passed CE Level 2 with a 7.45-second abrasion result.

They have a nice, reassuring feel to them, but that’s been achieved in part by a full-length lining that makes them bulky in the thigh and hips. To put that in context, they’re more bulky than the bulkiest Resurgence jeans but less so than the RoadSkins.

The Knox armour is a nice fit and remains in place whether you’re on or off the bike.

When you’re walking around in the jeans they’re very comfortable and feel almost quilted inside, with Draggin’s own Roomoto lining used effectively to help prevent sweat. For a less bulky Draggin option, albeit at the expense of some protection, consider the Twista.

Buy Draggin Holeshot jeans here.

Draggin Holeshot jeans

Price: £259.99

Price includes: CE-certified knee and hip armour

CE tested? Yes, Level 2

Sizes: 28-44 (all with 34in inside leg)

Colours: Blue

Comfort:  4/5

Protection:  9/10

Practicality:  3/5

Total: 16