RiDE review: EXO2 StormRider

The heat score is low because of the absence of sleeves and collar, but the StormRider does still keep your core really warm and it reaches its peak temperature pretty quickly.

Not having a bulky collar or chunky sleeves helps the fit, as there’s no drama getting our outer jacket securely fastened at the neck. It’s even possible to retain the outer’s thermal liner as the StormRider is no bulkier than a chunky jumper. 

It shares the same easy-to-use £50 inline controller and £40 bar-mounted controller as the StormChaser, but can also be operated with a simple £5.50 on/off unit. 

Buy the EXO2 StormRider here.

EXO2 StormRider

Price: £179.99

Sizes: S-XXL 

Controller included? No

Power pack option? Yes 

Powers gloves? No 

Powers other accessories? No


Speed: 3/5

Heat: 2/5

Fit: 4/5

Controller: 5/5

Finish: 4/5

TOTAL 18/25